Equipment and Instrumentation

Equipment and Instrumentation

The core provides a community-based lab with benchwork spaces that include instrumentation and supplies researchers may need such as micropipettes, vortexes, balances, water baths, pH meters, shakers, glassware, and gel electrophoresis boxes. There are set up workspaces for students who need space to work on research either independently or in groups. 

The core also has various equipment that is utilized by both students and professors for their research. The equipment used is on a reservation system and can be reserved for an allotted time.  

Core Equipment 


  • Growth Chambers 


  • AAnalyst 400 AA Spectrometer 

Molecular Genetics

  • iBright 1500 Gel Imager
  • Bullet Blender: Bead Beater
  • NanoDrop One
  • QuantStudio 3 qPCR Machine 

Thermal Cyclers:

  • MJ Research PTC-100
  • Bio-Rad S1000
  • Applied Biosystems 2720
  • Bio-Rad T100 

General Lab Equipment

  • Avanti Beckman J-25 Centrifuge
  • Chemical Fume Hood
  • Incubators
  • Isotemp 655D Incubator
  • Leica DM750 Compound Microscope with computer monitor display
  • New Brunswick Incubator Shaker Model G25
  • Olympus SZX16 Dissecting Microscope with monitor and HD TV display
  • PCR Hoods
  • Drying Ovens 
  • Scanning Electron Microscope: FEI Quanta 250
  • SpectraMax i3 Plate Reader